Tell Yours

Shoot an email with your story to me at


  • Tell me whether you want your full name or just first name-last initial included in your post.
  • Keep it tight: 200-600 words (somewhere in the middle is ideal.)
  • Specific places/streets/venues, other regional details, other vintage 1989 cultural quirks are great.
  • The thoughts, emotions or associations you had at the time are all lovely, powerful things to consider including.
  • No need to rehash general facts commonly known about the quake.
  • If you have a photo from that day that you’d like included, please send it, too!
  • Don’t be hurt if I edit your story very slightly (for spelling, punctuation, flow). I still appreciate you sending it!
  • Your story will be posted without an illustration at first, but one might get added later. Not every story can be illustrated, but I’ll do my best with the spare time I’ve got.