Acorn Signs

Nobe Hendricsen

The strongest earthquake in area since 1906 and here we were. What a scare! It was 5:00 pm but we were still working at Acorn Signs, my shop on San Antonio Road in Palo Alto.

My husband Howard had called to say he was getting a massage and would swing by my shop after his massage so we could go to dinner. During his massage, he thought a train was going by but once he realized what it was, it was every man for himself! He jumped up and rushed to the doorway blocking any escape for the poor masseuse!

In the meantime, all power was off at Acorn and I tried to get info on the car radio but couldn’t get any news. Son Bill in Phoenix called to see if we were OK  and relayed what he was watching on TV regarding the damage, including the collapse of the span on the top deck of the Bay Bridge.

We had minimal problems in our home. Strange that the shaking had knocked spice bottles to the counter, but had somehow opened the cupboards, dumped the bottles and then closed again. Friend Robin’s parents’ condo in Los Gatos was in shambles. Large pieces of furniture went flying. Her mother, who had taken the day off and was in bed due to illness, had the scare of her life when their large armoire came crashing down at the foot of her bed. The kitchen floor was covered with all the broken china and glassware that flew out of the cupboards.